Feed Supplement

In our Feed Supplements series, you will find supplement products that can help optimize your horse's overall health.
We test all the products on our own horses before releasing them to the market, since only the best is good enough for us and our costumers. Therefore only the ’best-in-test’-products get out to you; our costumers. In the Feed Supplement series, we offer products such
as Electrolytes, Psyllium, vitamin and mineral mixtures as well as immune boosters.

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Feed Suplement
For horses, it is very important that they get the right feed, so that they can stay healthy and thus be well-functioning. This applies all the way concerning the horse's physiology:

- Healthy digestion for the horse
- Strengthening of the horse's airways and immune system
- Flexible muscles and joints
- Important vitamins and minerals

Everything is crucial for your horse’s well-being. And all this you will find in our series.

Quality psyllium products
In order for the horse to get the most out of the feed we give them psyllium products, since it is very important that the horse’s digestive system is cared for properly. The intestinal system fills a large part of the horse, and problems within it, such as sand accumulations or a stressed intestinal flora, can cause your horse great discomfort. You can remedy this by giving your horse Psyllium Husk, which are seed shells that, when mixed with the intestinal juices, form a gel that encapsulates the sand and carries it out of the intestines. At Blue Hors we offer a 100% product in the form of Psyllium Husk and our Psyllium Husk pellets. The difference between these two products is that Husk comes in a powdered form and the pellets are made in pellet form, which some horses prefer. Furthermore, we have our Psyllium Sweet Apple, which is coated with a nice apple flavor for the more picky-eating horses. The same goes for all three products; they help the horse with keeping up a good intestinal flora and digestion.

Stomach troubles?
 To achieve the right pH balance in the horse's stomach, we can recommend Gastrolar, which is one of our best-selling products. Gastrolar is enriched with essential B vitamins, and naturally helps protect against strong stomach-acid, thus providing a healthy and well-functioning intestinal flora. The immune system can be affected by illness, changing weather or environmental changes.

To strengthen the immune system, and thus make the horse more resilient to falling ill
, we have several vitamin-focused supplements. At Blue Hors, we have developed two unique products for this purpose. One is our Hip C Boost, which is made from sun-ripened rose hips with extra vitamin C to really give the horse a boost. Another is our Garlic and Honey, where we have added nature's own super foods in the form of garlic, honey and vitamin C. Both products support the horse’s immune system and are generally beneficial to the horse's health and well-being.

Zinc supplement for horses
Our Organic Zinc will help strengthen your horse’s immune system. Since zinc is an important part of the body's cells, a horse with irritated skin would benefit from using our Organic Zinc supplement, which is developed with a delicious taste of apples.

If you want to strengthen your horse's hooves
, we recommend that you use Biotin, which promotes maximum hoof growth and nourishment.

For the horses that have to perform in the sport
, it is really important that the muscles are well-functioning. During training, the horse's muscles will get sore from work. To neutralize the acid that builds up in the muscles, we give our horses Muscl ’Vitamin E, which helps keep the muscles healthy and happy. Muscle 'Vitamin E' can also help improve the fertility of horses active in breeding. Another muscle focused-product in our range is Muscle Build. A supplement which gives the horse the right proteins to grow big and strong muscles.

A good fluid balance is extremely important for horses who need to perform
. When the horse sweats during training or in high degrees, it loses both bodily fluids and the various mineral salts (electrolytes) that bind the fluid inside of the body. To remedy this, we have three products that we recommend; Electrolyte Daily, which comes in powder form and can be mixed into the feed every day. Electrolyte Liqued; our liquid electrolyte with added B vitamins. Ideal for the picky-eating horse and horses who would rather not eat powdered products. Last but not least; Re-Cover, which is a tasty paste that is given directly into the mouth of the horse after especially hard work such as competition, transport or the like.

The horse's joints are affected every single day
, and are therefore incredibly important to keep supple and healthy. Topflex contains a naturally high content of glucosamine, which helps keeping the horse flexibile and thus better in their daily training.

Vitamins, minerals and supplements help ensure balance and performance in the horse.

At Blue Hors we have our Multi Feed, which is a liquid daily feed supplement or Mineral Cubes, which is a horse nest.

Good vitamins, minerals and supplements help to ensure a good balance and the best performance in the horse. At Blue Hors, we have our Multi Feed, which is a liquid daily feed supplement or Mineral Cubes, which are horse sweets with a low content of sugar and starches. Both parts ensure that your horse is well covered and can be used all year round.

At Blue Hors, you will find everything your could ever desire from supplements and care products for both your horse and your equipment. We are ready to advise you both by phone +45 75 36 36 36 and by email SUPPORT@BLUEHORS.COM, and remember, no questions are too small or too stupid, we will always do our utmost to help you in the best possible way!