Groom Equipment

Buy your Leather Soap and Leather Oil directly from the manufacturer. In the Groom Equipment series you will find everything you need to
clean and care for your leather. We have a large selection of quality products for leather care of bridle, saddle and riding boots. Are you the
thorough type or the one in need of a quick and easy solution? We have different products so that every need can be covered
and your leather can be cared for in the best way.

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Groom Equipment
It is important to keep the leather supple if it is to last for many years. Dirt and sweat dry out the leather, and there is a risk that your leather then will become stiff and crack, we therefore recommend that you clean and care for your equipment after each riding session. For cleaning, we have Saddle Soap and Leather Cleaner, both of which clean the leather of dirt and sweat. Saddle Soap is a quality saddle soap that cleans and cares for the leather with glycerin and aloe vera, which should be applied with a damp sponge. Leather Cleaner ensures a quick and easy cleaning of the leather in everyday life. Spray Leather Cleaner on the leather, rub it with a sponge so that it foams, and wipe it off with a towel. Sweat and dirt from today's ride are easily removed without water.

Once the leather has been cleaned, it is always a really good idea to take care of it with some caring moisture, and here we have four different products.

Golden Classic is a classic leather grease with only the best ingredients such as beeswax. Golden Classic cares for the leather so that it becomes soft and supple. With normal care, a thin layer is good, but with very stiff leather, it is a good idea to apply a thicker layer and let it soak in overnight, before wiping off the excess grease before use.

Leather Oil Spray is a quality leather oil that reaches into all nooks and crannies super-fast and easily. Shake the bottle, spray the product on the leather and then let it soak for 5-10 min. Then wipe off the excess oil. It does not get any faster or easier than this.

Leather Conditioner is a leather conditioner that cares for the leather so that it prevents it from becoming stiff and thus prone to cracking. Using Leather Conditioner makes the leather soft and supple, and helps ensure a longer lifespan on the leather.

Effect is the ultimate "All-in-one" leather care product. Put the product on a sponge and lubricate your leather, which will be both clean and super shiny - it does not get any easier than this. Effect is perfect for the final finishish before the horse has to be shown, or if your shoes have become dull and dirty - a good product for both stable shoes, boots and the slightly nicer shoes in your closet.

Which soap or care product to use, depends on your needs and what you like to use best!

The Groom Equipment range also includes Stable Intact, which can be used if you are tired of biting marks in the box, fence or crib. Apply Stable Intact with a sponge, or brush it on the exposed areas, and let its really ugly taste get into the horse's mouth, making them thinks twice about biting into your stuff.

At Blue Hors, you will find everything your heart desires in supplements and care products for your particular horse and equipment. We are ready to advise you both by phone +45 75 36 36 36 and by email SUPPORT@BLUEHORS.COM, and remember, no questions are too small or too stupid, we will always do our utmost to help you in the best possible way.