Groom Horse

In the Groom Horse series, you will find everything you need for the daily care of your horse - and of course we also have products that will help you with making your horse shine a little bit extra for shows and competitions. In collaboration with our grooms at Blue Hors, we have created all the products we can’t live without, and whether it is for hoof care, grooming or washing, we have a product that matches the need. We are constantly developing solutions that will make everyday life with horses a little easier, without compromising on quality.

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Groom Horse

Pampering your horse

We all love when our horses are beautiful and well-groomed, and at Blue Hors we have a lot of great products that can help you achieve this.

Grooming is the alpha and omega of getting all the dirt off the horse. To be able achieve this, you can use our Ergo Brush Hard, which is made with natural stiff hair, which ensures that you get well down into your horse’s coat, while the brush fits fantastically in the hand. To take the fine dust, a soft grooming brush like Ergo Brush Soft or Soft Brush Nature is absolutely perfect.

To give the horse a little extra shine, we use Super Shine on the body, and wipe over with our Magic Cloth. Super Shine is a 2-in-1 product as it can also be used in mane and tail, and make the combing easier so that the horse does not lose as much hair. We also have Super Plait, which helps to keep track of the locks when braiding.

Hoof care is very individual from horse to horse, some need a little extra care in dry periods, while others need it more in wet periods. Some horses need hoof care every day, and others only need a little extra shine when going to shows. Regardless of your need, we have two fantastic hoof oils that both strengthen and care for the hooves. Hoof Oil Deluxe which is a clear hoof oil with laurel, and Hoof Oil which is an antibacterial, dark hoof oil with tar. Both of our hoof oils can be used daily if needed. If you are more into using hoof cream, we have our Hoof Cream, which provides a more flexible hoof as it adds moisture to the hooves. For the final finish on the day of the competition, Hoof Shine gives beautiful shiny hooves - a hoof varnish that is super quick and easy to apply.

If the horse needs a bath, and if it needs to be extra clean when you go to the show, then we have bunch of different shampoos in our range. Click’n Wash is as smart and economical as it gets. It is meant to be connected to the water hose, thereby it will be dosing the right amount of shampoo by itself. It is the gentle Wash’n Care shampoo that is in the Click’n Wash bottles. This shampoo has the right pH value, which means that it can be used daily if you want. For a little extra shine, we have our Deluxe Shampoo, which we use when we go to shows. If the horse is white or has white markings, we have our White Matiné shampoo, which ensures that the coat, mane or tail becomes as white as possible. Should the accident happen that the completely clean horse gets dirty, the stains can be easily and quickly removed with Clean & Dry, which is simply meant to be applied and wiped off with a Magic Sponge or a Magic Cloth. If you want to be a little extra good to your horse after a hard workout, you can give it a good massage with After Work Shampoo, which stimulates blood circulation and helps the horse with its sore muscles.

At Blue Hors, you will find everything your could ever desire from supplements and care products for both your horse and your equipment. We are ready to advise you both by phone +45 75 36 36 36 and by email SUPPORT@BLUEHORS.COM, and remember, no questions are too small or too stupid, we will always do our utmost to help you in the best possible way!