Nerves & Energy

In our Nerves & Energy Series we present 8 fantastic products, all of which have the purpose of helping to stabilize your horse's energy level. It is important for all horses to achieve the optimal energy level, both if they lack energy, but certainly also if they have too much of it. A good balance is super important for the horse's well-being, both for everyday life, but also for competitions and shows.

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Nerves & Energy

B-Express & B-Express Zero
B-Express helps horses with a lack of energy e.g. during coat shedding, as the body's own production of B-vitamins cannot keep up with the demand. Furthermore, B-Express is really good to use in stressful situations such as environmental or feed changes. The taste of the product makes it a must-have to bring to shows, where the horse might lack appetite. Pour a little additional B-Express in the feed and watch your horse get back into eating. Blue Hors B-Express is available in two versions, the original B-Express and B-Express Zero, which is sugar-free version of the same great taste. REMEMBER, B vitamins also help the nervous system, among other things, by protecting the nerve cells.

Energy Control
This product is 100% based on water-soluble vegetable fat, which results in the energy reserves to be released slowly to the body and ensures that the horse has a stable blood sugar. At Blue Hors, we have received a lot of positive feedback from customers who, like ourselves, have great success with Energy Control for “hot” horses that need a longer-lasting and more controllable energy. We experience time and time again that it takes the "edge" of the energy, and that the horses thus become more focused on the tasks given to them. The effect of Energy Control can be felt within the first week. At start-up, the horse is given the pictured amount (see package), and it is recommended to reduce the concentrate by approximately 25% by the first few days. Otherwise there is a risk that the horse will be too fresh! When the desired effect is achieved, the amount of Energy Control can be reduced by half.

Relax 1 L. (liquid) & Relax Gel (paste)
A supplement that contains L-Tryptophan, Magnesium and B vitamins, which calms nervous horses without any sedative effect. L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which is the starting molecule for the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that sends messages to the brain, and is also called the happiness hormone, and a lack of serotonin can lead to fear, aggression and stress in horses. Relax 1 L. (liquid) can be used every day or in periods and Relax Gel (paste) is recommended in situations where the horse often shows nervousness or anxiety e.g. at shows, loading, etc. The product should be given to the horse in the mouth approximately 1.5 hours before the effect is desired.

Magnesium has for many years been one of the most recognized supplements for nervous horses. Magnesium deficiency can cause nervousness, loss of appetite, stress and a poor bone and muscle development. Magnesium from Blue Hors contains magnesium and phosphorus with high bioavailability and is to be used when the magnesium content of the feed is low. Grass and hay are usually good sources of magnesium, but in the spring months, magnesium levels in the grass can drop. When feeding with straw of low magnesium content, we recommend a supplement of magnesium, as magnesium is an essential mineral that has an important influence on nerves, muscle relaxation and heart rhythm. Horses that tend to be very stressed by nature may also have a greater need for magnesium.

Energy Control Performance
Energy Control Performance is a special edition of Energy Control Daily, developed for horses and ponies that need to perform a little extra. Energy Control Performance contains blackcurrant, citrus, honey and electrolytes to speed up the effect and the results can be felt after just a few days. Energy Control Performance’s ingredients consist of selected plant oils that the horse can absorb to a much greater degree than traditional oils. The plant oils have undergone an extensive process which makes the oils water-soluble. The horse can thus easily utilize the energy from the oil. Better use of energy leads to stable and controllable energy and endurance as well as contributes to a flexible and work-willing horse.

Energy Booster
A unique and 100% digestible protein supplement in peptide form, which is absorbed very quickly, allowing energy to enter the muscles. Energy Booster can be given before hard work and shows, and requires no long and energy-intensive breakdown in the digestive system. The difference between "ordinary protein" and protein in peptide form: When ordinary protein (in the form of feed) is broken down, a lot of energy is consumed, and it takes a long time before the muscles can utilize the protein. Proteins that are delivered in peptide form are absorbed very quickly, and provide increased energy and endurance quickly. A supplement of peptides is the most effective way to meet the protein needs of hard working horses.

Given 1-2 hours before the horse is to perform.