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When the horse is in a paddock with little or no grass, it can easily ingest sand, which accumulates in the intestines. When the psyllium seed husks are mixed with intestinal fluids, a gel is formed and this can help to remove the sand from the horses intestinel system. 
The ability to form gel only lies in the husk – not in the seed. The seeds have been removed from this prozduct, so only the pure high-quality and effective husks remain. 

3 kg


Feeding instructions, horse 600 kg: (smaller horses should be given corresponding smaller amounts) 
With sand in intestines, give one meal twice daily for approx. a month. 
For care/prevention give half the amount. 
One meal contains 50 g. 
The horse must have free access to water.

Mix psyllium seed husks in dry compound feed. Recommend that you do not soften them first and do not mix them in wet feed prior to feeding because the gelling process should begin in the horse's intestinal system.

Store in a sealed and dry place

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